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Website design is an essential aspect of online presence and marketing plan. We are a professional and creative website designer and we create a page that the target market can relate to. If you are in search of an effective website designer Gaurik Systems is the right choice for you. Our design focus on providing great user experience, look and feel that you like and effective to meet the targeted result.

Business Applications

Website Design Process

  • Requirement Gathering:

    Discussion of how final product should look like. Making sure to bring all the aspect of businesses. As any missing aspect in later stages can crate delay.

  • Inquire Industry Trend:

    Once we have requirement, we do comprehensive research and provide our creative suggestion and support until you get to conclusion.

  • Design:

    Once we have our design ready we continuously reach out for your feedback. So we can bring the product that you wanted at the deadline we set.

  • Performance Testing:

    To make sure our design are working as we expected we perform rigorous testing. We make our design to be accessible cross platform.

  • Deploy:

    Once the design meet our requirement and performs as expected. The design is deployed and make available for everyone to excess.

Services Includes

  • Design from Scratch
  • Design Optimization
  • Website Redesign
  • Responsive Design
  • Search Engine Friendly Design
  • Cross Platform Compatible
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript/JQuery
Web Development

Web & Application Development

Web development is much more than creating a website for once and yielding the result expected. The major part of the web development is customization, maintenance and continuous improvement for ease of use and better result .Our team of developer makes sure the products are optimized, scalable and secure. With the team of expert at Gaurik Systems we can provide the in-house customization to meet all areas of requirement and also can integrate other technology available in market to obtain better result.

Web & Application Development Process

  • Planning:

    In web and application development planning is the most important step some expert even come to conclusion that planning is more important than development itself. Here we discuss about the technology and resources that we are going to use, the architecture of the development and analysis of the gathered requirements.

  • Design:

    Once we have our design ready we continuously reach out for your feedback. So we can bring the product that you wanted at the deadline we set.

  • Development:

    This is the step where actual coding starts. We implement the industries best approach in development. That provide us the daily update in the development process and also bring stakeholder in loop so any changes can be adopted in initial stage which in turn will help in time completion of task.

  • Testing:

    Testing are done along the way of development. After development is done we go throw another stage of full testing. Testing helps to catch error and stops from breaking before it reaches the users. In this stage we also do the business and performance testing.

  • Deploy:

    This is the final phase of development process. This is when client is handed the product and we look forward for the customer review. If any unprecedented bugs or errors are thrown that are fixed and smooth user experience is achieved.

  • Maintenance:

    Often times products or services needs to be upgraded or integrated with new system. Our team of expert will help you to provide continues service.

Services Includes

  • Internet and Intranet Solutions
  • Highly Customized Web Portals
  • Payment Process Integrations
  • Upgrade and Integrations
  • Tailored E-Commerce Solutions
  • Content Management Systems
  • .Net Technologies
  • SQL Server Database
  • Knockout/AngularJS

Domain & Hosting

Domain sets up your identity in the world of internet. Hosting is important part on developing website. When hosting trusted provider should be consider. Your customer want to access their website anytime of the day and night. Any downtime means it is seen as unreliable and untrustworthy.

Domain & Hosting

Domain & Hosting Process

  • Domain Name Registration:

    Here our team will guide you and bring their constructive suggestion for picking the domain name and related services that comes with it.

  • Web Hosting:

    Once you have the website design ready in order for everyone to access, it should be hosted in the provided environment. Our team will help to understand the directories, your details account information and your domain name servers. You can access your website only by using your domain name not by requested IP address.

  • Design:

    Once we have our design ready we continuously reach out for your feedback. So we can bring the product that you wanted at the deadline we set.

  • Uploading Website:

    Once the web host and DNS are ready you can start uploading your website.Our team will guide your through the entire process

Services Includes

  • Domain registration
  • Web Hosting
  • DNS Configuration

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